Full 4WD Service

Differential & Transfer Case (4WD) Service

Four-wheel drive vehicles have more components to them and as a result require an increased amount of maintenance. All wheel drive vehicles also require this extra attention. If you have a 4x4 vehicle it is possible you are prone to the off road or rugged trail adventure. Here at Griesbach Auto we understand that and for that reason we have highly trained mechanics who help you keep your machine in tip top shape, so you don’t have any break downs on the trails.


The transfer case is one of the extra components on a four-wheeled vehicle and is another part that has fluid in need of being changed on occasion. The transfer case distributes power to the proper wheels depending on the condition and operation setting you have it in. This will have to have new fluid put in from time to time in order to maintain good performance and to keep the transfer case lasting as long as possible. If this is not performed, then the transfer case might not be able to deliver the power and could cause the vehicle to not go into four-wheel drive mode which could result in some dangerous situations as we all understand in Wisconsin.


Similarly, the differential requires regular maintenance. This gear box is located between the drive wheels and allows them to turn at different speeds as the vehicle is taking turns. Over time, the properties of the lubricating fluid inside deteriorate, resulting in improper lubrication of the gears. At Griesbach Auto, we’ll replace the old fluid with fresh fluid, which helps avoid excessive wear on the differential. Not following the necessary maintenance for this can result with you needing to purchase a new axle for your vehicle which is typically very expensive.

When our four-wheel drive service professionals take a look at your vehicle, they will inspect the transfer case, locking hubs, final drive, drive axles, and both front and rear differentials for leaks and wear. We will also drain and refill all fluids according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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