Griesbach Auto Service sells and services SnowDogg snowplows and SaltDogg spreaders, manufactured by Buyers Products.


Whether you have a Jeep or Ford F-600 with dual rear wheels, we have a Buyers Products SnowDogg snowplow to fit your needs. The moldboards are made of quality 304 stainless steel - making them durable and rust-free after numerous years of working in Wisconsin's salty conditions. SnowDogg snowplows come with a 2 year warranty.

For complete warranty information, visit

In order to match your truck to a plow recommended for it, we need certain information. Please have the following information available when making your inquiry.
*Drive Train (4x4, 4x2)
*Body Style (Regular, Crew, Mega, Extended)
*Box Option (Size of Bed)
*Engine Size
*Headlamp Style (can be found on the headlights, inscribed on the lens)
*Dual or Single Rear Wheel
*Minimum FGAWR (can be found in the drivers side door)
*Minimum RGAWR (can be found in the drivers side door)
*Minimum GVWR (can be found in the drivers side door)

Salt Spreaders and Sand Spreaders

From sidewalks to large lots, we have the salt equipment needed to conquer anything related to Wisconsin's cold weather. SaltDogg spreaders by Buyers Products come with a 1 year warranty. SHPE Poly Spreaders are warrantied for 2 years. Normal wear excluded. For complete warranty information, visit

*Broadcast spreaders for sidewalks
*Tailgate models that slide in to your existing receiver hitch
*Large hoppers that fit your 8' truck bed
*And More!