Night Driving Tips from Griesbach Auto Service, Weston and Wausau, Wi

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Now that daylight savings time ended – most of us will be driving home in the dark. Many things can be affected by the darkness – such as depth perception, peripheral vision and even the ability to distinguish colors – especially once the snow hits the ground. Stay safe on the road and keep these tips in mind as you drive in the dark.

Keep your headlights clean and replace burned out bulbs.

Dim your instrument panel and dashboard lights so the lights don’t compromise your forward vision.

Scan the road, don’t focus on one point. Watch for the glowing eyes of wildlife.

Make sure your headlights are aligned properly. You should be able to see in front of you, without blinding drivers in front of you.

Increase your following distance. Play it safe – remember night driving is challenging for everyone. If they slam on their brakes in front of you, the extra space will allow more time for you to stop.

Wipe your windshield with newspaper. This may help eliminate those distracting smudges and streaks that you don’t notice during the day.

If you feel tired, stop somewhere safe and take a nap. The time change can mess with your body’s circadian rhythm, causing you to become drowsy.

Stay extra alert and attentive when you are on the road. Though you may not be driving under the influence of alcohol, keep in mind that other motorists may not be as wise.


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